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Mike F’n White starting Sunday


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1 minute ago, Adoni Beast said:

Jet fans typically hold onto hope for their highly drafted young QBs with religious conviction…

…this is rare where we are unanimously in favor of the lowly drafted journeyman backup QB to start.

I like it!

Similiar to the 70's when Richard Todd was the high draft pick and Matt Robinson was basically Mike White. Robinson played well.  

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9 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

I think Saleh is wise to consider what the rest of the team wants and needs.  It was obvious that the team responded to White and was genuinely happy for him.  

Guarantee the OL was lobbying for White over Zack based on the speed he gets rid of the ball...

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25 minutes ago, 1010WINS said:

This is bad news. Zach is our franchise QB not Mike White. 

nico v4.0?

Bad news for Zach Wilson maybe if Mike White seizes the job and doesn't look back. Struggle to see how this is in any way bad news for the Jets.

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