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The Mike White's...err, NY Jets vs the Buffalo Bills ## Official Game Thread ##

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Nico watching that 3 and out

And with that throw, the Mike White era is over.

Mike White is back. Mike White is unstoppable. The Buffalo Bills are the next to realize this. It is game day. This is the game thread. Let's go Jets! Mike White is highly advanced. He makes

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Just now, Irish Jet said:

F*ck you @T0mShane

Jets are abysmal. Saleh and Douglas both should be under serious pressure. This is a debacle and we’ve somehow gotten worse in so many different areas.

Are these two thoughts connected? 

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Just now, Ken Schroy said:

We will win 1 or MAYBE 2 more games this year. We are looking good for a #3 pick or better. I think we would lose to Detroit.

Detroit besides a few games I can remember actually is competitive even in games they lose. Should’ve beaten Baltimore 

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

100% guaranteed they told White to go downfield on the first play to loosen the defense up


1 minute ago, Spoot-Face said:

Somehow, @T0mShane will convince us that Mike White 100% isn't at fault for that interception.


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14 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Douglas should be out before him but yeah it doesn’t look good.

In typical Jets fashion we’ll give them an extra year, see more of the same, get rid after more damage has been done and set ourselves back another 5 years.

Jets football!

My thoughts exactly. I don't know how to shed this helpless feeling when it comes to football.

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5 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Started very badly. Threw two passes that should have been picked. Has grown into it though and has been our best player for the last few drives, getting no help at all from the line or receivers. 

He seems to adjust well in most games but is a pretty slow starter it seems. 

Ok. Thanks for the reply 

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