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The Mike White's...err, NY Jets vs the Buffalo Bills ## Official Game Thread ##

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Nico watching that 3 and out

And with that throw, the Mike White era is over.

Mike White is back. Mike White is unstoppable. The Buffalo Bills are the next to realize this. It is game day. This is the game thread. Let's go Jets! Mike White is highly advanced. He makes

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1 minute ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

Congrats to Joe Douglas on assembling the worst jets defense we have seen in over a decade.


The culture is changing boys. Now we are horrendously bad on offense AND defense.


Thank you Joe Douglas!!! Thank you!!

Good thing folks here don't expect wins and these destructions are just part of JD six-year "learning curve".   Eat me.

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I envy you that you can still feel enjoyment when it comes to the Jets, no matter how fleeting.

Was a great story for the couple of weeks it lasted. As a Jet fan I have had little choice but to learn to enjoy small victories, however fleeting they maybe.

James Morgan is a free agent. Maybe we can catch lightning in a bottle for a week or two with him.
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1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

So Mike White isn’t as good as we thought huh

I’ll cut him some slack going against the best defense in the league.  I thought he was playing well until the last interception.  

Either way he hasn’t showed enough to keep playing over Wilson.


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