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The Mike White's...err, NY Jets vs the Buffalo Bills ## Official Game Thread ##


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Just now, maury77 said:

Just another completely uncompetitive game. Some of you are going to argue "young coach, young team, etc." It would be one thing if the Jets were competitive, hanging in games only to lose it at the end. This isn't what we are seeing. We are watching a team that is thoroughly outclassed every single week and it should not be acceptable to any of us. The arrogance of the organization in thinking we would be ok with another throw away season is astonishing. 

The problem is that it’s so bad right now, just how much can you expect the team to improve next year, so next year becomes another “rebuilding” year.   

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6 minutes ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

Who would do better with these scrubs? Douglas is to truly blame.

Yeah, JD takes some of the blame, but come on this coaching staff has to take the blame too. I mean they’re keeping Guidry in the game and Josh Allen is having a field day on him because he can’t stop anyone. 

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