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Poll: This Coming Draft (April 2022)


Jets Upcoming Draft  

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  1. 1. How do you want to approach the top 3 rounds of the upcoming draft?

    • Load up on offense like last year
    • Prioritize offense
    • Pretty much a 50/50 split
    • Prioritize defense
    • Load up on defense

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I'm voting to prioritize offense.  We still have gaping holes on the OL and at TE.  How many years in a row did we draft defensive players in the 1st round and never have a great defense?  Meanwhile Dallas loaded up on offense and, this past year, made major strides on defense (after being atrocious on defense last year).

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Problem is that this team has so many glaring holes, on both sides of the ball, that it is hard to say which way they should go.  All depends on the talent on the board when they pick.  Edge, Safety, TE, OL, WR1, LB, CB, T.  Although I think the holes are way deeper on D than on O.

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I'm taking either Thibodeaux or Hutchinson with our highest pick.

After that I concentrate on the offense still.  Center, Tackle, Tight Ends, Guard.


This defense only works if you can pressure the quarterback.  Top edge rushers without serious flaws don't reach free agency.  get the stud while you can.  Spend the money on linebackers and safeties before the draft.  The defense can be fixed with money, the offense must be built through the draft. 

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I’d like: 

1st round: Edge, OL

2nd Round: pending which player is available pick best of either LB/S/TE combo - with highest priority on LB probably then TE  

3rd: Whatever you didn’t get from combo above

4th: CB depth or OL depth

5th: WR or CB depth

Hopefully in FA we can eliminate or reduce severity of need into these areas - likely in the safety realm since they are cheaper and shorter deal length is more attainable. Also think going into draft with a top tier RG like Scherff would allow us tremendous flexibility 

 We must walk away from draft though with a quality Edge prospect so one of those first rounders gotta be used on that and it’s likely the first one. Hopefully Hutchinson is there if not Karlaftis is looking good too. 

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Well if we got the coach that was advertised you should be able to build a solid defense in free agency and later in the draft and go offense....but I guess we need to fill every position on defense with all pros to run this system...it almost seems like this team has more holes then last draft and we are going backwards.

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Currently we're set to pick #3 and #10.

Round1 = impossible to say who'll climb, but if there's an opportunity to move down from #3 like Miami did? I'm doing that first, and doubling up in round 1 next year (plus whatever else comes with it)

Further things that'd impact it include what the team does in FA, and frankly what positions are projected where when you're talking about picks this early. Also right now we don't know of any player-for-pick trade(s) to be had.

Positions I'd target, without knowing anything about who's projected where, and whether or not we've moved down? 

rd 1 = WR1 and FS or OLB.

rd 2 = G/C and TE. (I'd like to upgrade C also, but top 10 is preposterously early for a center)

rd 3 = leftover from rd 1

rd 4 = developmental/pipeline edge and ILB

rd 5 = G and...honestly this late it's hard enough to hit without ruling out some positions; just BAP

Follows FA, and frankly they'll have to overpay. Another season like this, with a HC who fires up nobody, and it's going to be harder than usual to attract talent. 

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