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I know I’ll get killed for this but…


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1 hour ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

You know the Jets are an abusive relationship when the first sign of trouble with new head coach leads the same people pining over ex-coaches with a favorable memory of the good times while ignoring all the bad stuff that definitely did happen.

you put into words what i was suspecting.

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19 hours ago, BP said:

Please, countless too many men on the field or not enough men on the field in the red zone defense consistently after pettine left. I’m not sure if you can find those stats but I can’t forget the dumb coaching job that was being done.

he took the 3rd ranked defense in the league (the bills) and turned it into sh*t. 

Rex loved him some stats

Rex always pulled some whacky stat out of his ample bum to "prove" his defense was elite ("least yards giving up on the ground when trailing by multiple scores" or some sh*t). He would angrily defend "his" defense when the team as a whole was in utter disarray. That's what he cared about and will always care about -- his legacy as a defensive guru.

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