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9 Games In, What's The Most "Jetsy" Thing That Has Happened So Far This Season?


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When a hideously lousy football team miraculously wins their one signature game of the season...

The starving, deprived fans get 1 week to bask in the afterglow, before getting their brains bashed in seven days later...

With the Jets, the amazing, miraculous Bengals win could only be savored for 4 days...

Getting destroyed again the following Thursday...

So very Jetsy...


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We actually have 2 wins this season and people are freaking out like it's still last year and nothing has changed at all.  Sane people expected at most 6 wins this year, all coming later when the schedule gets reasonable after a ridiculous first half.  After a total reboot and new coaching staff, rookie QB, minimal free agent action and maximum reliance on 1 year fliers and rookies, things are pretty much what they are.  Would a few HoF picks be nice?  Yeah.  This franchise has issues picking anyone like that in its history so nothing new there.  But why let that get in the way of bitching here and imagining it matters?

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