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the official "change your signature Alk" thread

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:rl: :rl: :rl:

I prefer his new setup to that Zoolander crap.

I was considering doing a "Queer eye for the message board poster guy" thread where someone else would get to set up my signature and avatar. I think I did okay for myself though.

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After seeing that sig, I'm convinced that if Kurt Cobain were alive today, he would kill himself. Again.

I am highly offended by your statement. Expect severe consequences and repercussions.

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What the hell is the knife for? In case the shotgun didn't worK??

He started out using the knife to cut his wrists, but was pissed at how long it was taking so he used the shotgun.

Also, when the rest of the band found him they made necklaces out of pieces of his skull and ate some of his brain. Mayhem ruled.

EDIT: They also used that picture as an album cover too.

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