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Who Is the Most "Jetsy" Person/Player In Jets' History?


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Reggie Rembert

Doug Jolley

Chaz Schilens

Honourable Mention: Vance Joseph…a college QB who I think we decided, ingeniously, to convert to CB the morning of a game against the Raiders and assigned him to man coverage on the great Tim Brown…who predictably went off on us, big style and delivered a HOF ass-whooping…at least Vance fronted up and tried and has subsequently become a very good defensive co-ordintaor…but otherwise, the most Jetsy of Jetsy-ness

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This topic is too big for ONE person. It has to more of a moment. A period of time that is very Jetsy. 

I am sure many might say " The Marino spike". Yes, while tragic, and very Jetsy, it only doomed one season.

For me, the most Jets period was the Jets Free Agent period of 2019. Oh what a time. The Jets were free wheeling and spending. Macc was putting together a bum's rush of activity and movement. How brilliant it all looked:

Here were those signed to contracts in 2019:


-Leveon Bell

-CJ Mosley

-Trevor Siemian

-Chandler Catanzaro

-Steve McLendon

-Jamison Crowder

-Henry Anderson

-Josh Bellamy

-Brian Poole

-Daniel Brown

-Tom Compton

Look at that beaut of of bounty the Jets signed and re-signed. You could even qualify Leveon Bell as a most Jetsy moment of all time. But the heft of the reminder of that class make it a delicious Jetsy dessert. 

Oh, and the cherry on top? They had Anthony Barr with everything but pen to paper. And, in a moment of reason and clarity, he thought about actually playing for the Jets, and politely declined.

Why are the Jets pitiful today? look back to the spring of 2019, and there you have it.

J! E! T! S! Y!

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3 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

I raised this question in the "What is the most embarrassing moment in Jets' history?" post.  There were some great responses so I figured I'd give this its own post.  This is all part of my "relish the pain" approach in trying to change the karma on Jets' history.

Some names that came up in that other post were:

Chad Pennington

Rex Ryan

Richard Todd


#99 was a stud pass rusher, but at the same time was a HUGE embarrassment to the team and the others, including Klecko.  I hope he's doing well now.  He was having a rough go of things in recent times.

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2 hours ago, Lith said:

How about this guy.  "Obvioulsy the Jets know something the people up here don't" 

If there is anything any of us on this site have learned over the last several decades - never assume the Jets are making better choices than we would have made.

Jets fan Mike Eisenberg, former PSAL coach, enjoys internet fame for  televised 1983 NFL Draft clip - New York Daily News

You know who that is don't you?

@hmhertz  How about a more recent picture Henry?

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