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Zach starting Sunday

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Just now, Copernicus said:

Very curious to see if Perine seizes this opportunity. Most likely will not see Coleman on the roster next years and Perine may just be his replacement

i think we already have the answer to that. he hasn't played all year. most likely doesn't fit the system

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5 hours ago, rtnelson said:

We all know he's going to look like an all-star this weekend, everyone celebrates, then crash and burn against the Saints right?  We're the Jets.

Either that or the other way around and the board is silent because they don't know what the crap happened.

The 2 teams we've beaten have a combined record of 14-7

NFL is weird

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6 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

AFTER Flacco and White test positive for Covid. Thank you JD for bringing in the unvaxxed Flacco. He cleared the path for Wilson to return!!


6 hours ago, TheClashFan said:

It's all part of a brilliant plan...


...or not

Was the plan on the part of JD to clear the path for Zach to return?  Or was it the plan of White and Flacco to not have to play for this team?

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