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..will fan pressure cause the NY Jets to change their uniforms ?


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Jets Twitter has had quite the effect on its own team. It seems like for the first time in ages, the NY Jets fanbase is precipitating changes, not only by galvanizing its own to support the team but making their voices heard to the people in power.And a great thing is happening. The Jets leadership is listening. The team might still be losing, but Jets Twitter has been scoring some victories.

Look no further than the recent examples of Elijah Moore's late rally to win NFL Rookie of the Week or the fanbase forcing management to abandon green pants during a road game against Indianapolis, where the Jets, for the first time, adopted a white jersey, black pants look.

 - -  https://thejetpress.com/posts/fan-pressure-ny-jets-uniforms

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2 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

If NFL teams had the freedom to change looks from week to week, with different color helmets and designs, this would be a non issue. It baffles me as to why the NFL behaves like uniform Nazis. I fail to see how they benefit from it.

I think it's something to do with stores getting stuck with inventory.  Not certain about that though.

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1 hour ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:


I'm guessing 80% of this board picked the Jets because they are green!  




It's my favorite, but does work best as an accent color.  

That's why the all whites were our best look.


Picture this with our current green or our current jersey with the helmet in my avatar:




Adams looks like he's pooping a football in that pic

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5 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Colleges don’t seem to have an issue with it

If you buy a college jersey it doesn’t have a player’s name on the back. If you bought a numbered jersey and that player transferred or graduated, they can still sell that jersey. If there is a massive inventory in several different versions and the player is traded or drives 156 mph, those jerseys are worthless. 

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21 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

i am not a fan of the uniforms either, but is this really important? I guess at least fans can feel they have some power/control.


11 minutes ago, DLJ said:

Who gives a **** about uniforms. Win and NOONE will care.

Also bring back the old logo

Its possible to do/think about two things at once. Three, even!

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