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Real talk here.  All Zach Wilson has done since returning is win.

Yay jets. Go jets. 

I’m old enough to remember when people said Bryce Hall sucked. Actually that was about 2 hours ago. 

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Just now, Warfish said:

 Nice to see the excuse train start right off for Zach’s pathetic field vision.

Enjoy the game guys, not gonna spend all day arguing with blind homer fanbois.

Agreed. It looked like one of those quick single read things that might have worked before Moore slipped. Oh shit, is that another excuse?

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6 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

He slipped, pressure got to Zach before Moore got open I think 

I don't know who it was to his rights but he was wide open in the flat and the ball should have been out already. I'm not angry or down on Zach, I just want his eyes open. The play was there to be made. We got three instead of seven.

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1 minute ago, ZachEY said:

Not an apologist, but play design was to Moore and there wasn’t time for him to get his head around to Crowder and throw even if he wanted to.

That’s what I saw as I looked through my sausage on a bun. 

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