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Real talk here.  All Zach Wilson has done since returning is win.

Yay jets. Go jets. 

I’m old enough to remember when people said Bryce Hall sucked. Actually that was about 2 hours ago. 

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3 minutes ago, ausman said:

Is it too early to say that Zach Wilson learned nothing watching from the bench?  Seems we have on QB that can’t complete a long pass — White — and one that can’t complete a short one — Wilson.

Have White run 1st and 2nd downs...

Bring Wilson in for 3rd and longs..


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Just now, Uncle Nicco said:

a little extreme no? he had a back hit  RB in the back and miracously get intercepted. It was on 3rd and 17 after the OL got embrassed at the snap. 

Then we run for -3 on first down and drop a pass on second down. 


You can’t excuse that INT, it was a terrible play and decisions. No matter way you slice it, he’s been awful today.

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Just now, HighPitch said:

The didnt gift him the starting job. He was lights out in camp

I guess we're just forgetting about the whole thing where Zach talked about how many ints he was throwing and he was all, "I'm just finding out what I can get away with"

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1 minute ago, OilfieldJet said:

We could win a shootout, if we had a QB, RB, WR's and an OL......oh, yeah, and decent playcalling.

I’m old enough to remember when the Jets OL, receivers, backs, and defense looked ok. (It was last week)

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14 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

It’s a level of bad for rookies that falls outside the normal boundaries of the first year being a wash, and even worse it’s hard to ignore how much he looks like Sanchez. Really uncanny. 

Yeah except Sanchez was playing at a time where rookies regularly looked like sh*t. The NFL hadn't quite turned into the arena league nonsense it is now.

This is as bad as it gets. Sanchez had moments, Geno had moments, Darnold everyone. This is disgusting. Worse than I ever could have imagined.

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1 minute ago, kevinc855 said:

I’m sorry but if we get blown out by the Texans someone has to go Garret style

We need some accountability 

The problem will be who?

The defense has been bad but they are undermanned. Do you can Ulbrich?

The offense is bad but LaFleur has looked better. I like the play calls.

They’re not getting rid of Wilson. They’re not getting rid of Saleh in-season if this is largely a QB problem.

Who do you get rid of? Douglas? For hiring this coach, for drafting this quarterback?

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