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1 minute ago, K Clue said:

Yes, Wilson does look terrible, but that doesn’t mean the line shouldn’t be criticized for all the pressures they’re giving up and not being able to open up a hole for the running game. 

These are sometimes related, but not this game. Zach sucks on his own.

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8 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

I’m sorry but if we get blown out by the Texans someone has to go Garret style

We need some accountability 

Repeat after me Lefleur has been GOOD!!!

The only games that the offense has been awful have been when Zach Wilson has been starting and that isn't a COINCIDENCE!!

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Just now, Better2bgreenthanblue said:

I blame Wilson's girlfriend. They should be kept apart the rest of the season, it's clear our boy is worn out. 

I’d let her start next game. Can’t get worse, but imagine her in our white-on-white unis


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32 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

Christ. Zach isn’t ready. Jets really screwed this up. 

What was he doing while sitting out these last few weeks?  I thought that was supposed to help him, no?

Yes, its very possible the Jets screwed up.  By picking him.  Josh Johnson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco....all trash QB's who've looked very good with this offense and supporting cast.  Wilson isn't getting "ruined" right now.

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