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Just now, ZachEY said:

Really wasn’t.  There’s no reason to kill Wilson for that play, but come on.  Let’s not blame Ryan Griffin for not making the play on the ground.

Ehh. Your right because if he makes that play it’s a great play all around, great ≠ routine, but the people looking to blame it on Wilson are reaching, which is pretty crazy because there are plenty of other things to kill him for in this game 

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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

Mike White throws for 400+ yards against a division-leading team and Nico calls him Checkdown Charlie.

Zachy has one drive where he doesn't sh*t himself against the 2nd worst team in the league and Nico calls it "perfection".  

I feel relief every time Zach hands off. 

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27 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

The kid’s a rookie and he hasn’t played for 4 games.

Remember this everyone 

But I was told not playing for 4 games would be the best thing for him.  And some in this thread are saying he should have sat any longer.

It would be one thing to call a QB who has actually produced positive results before "rusty".  But when you've been pretty much straight up suck for most of your time in the league thus far, I have a very hard time buying the "rust" excuse.  Maybe this is just what he is?  We don't yet have any evidence to the contrary to suggest he's anything more than this.

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