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Real talk here.  All Zach Wilson has done since returning is win.

Yay jets. Go jets. 

I’m old enough to remember when people said Bryce Hall sucked. Actually that was about 2 hours ago. 

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47 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

I'm  a bass player. Played professionally  for most of my 20's but once I got married and had kids, I need to get a 9 to 5 with a more reliable source  of incomes. Not cool asking the family to skip groceries for a week because dad had a gap in his schedule. 

Agree with the guitarist thing, it's  just if a guitarist  over-plays, everyone  thinks he is a great player, when a bass or drummer over-plays, everyone starts to listen like what is that guy doing. Gotta know your role.



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Just now, fusionCA said:

A bunch of jags sherdding the jets defense 


So no changes from last week 


How can this defense suck so bad 

All part of the plan. Remember, Jets fans haven't seen something like this before. This is what winning looks like..

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