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The “back interception” was on Ty Johnson

Uncle Nicco

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1 minute ago, More Cowbell said:

It's  because White played really well, much better than any Jets QB since Fitz.

Once.  That was one game.  And I’d argue that Wilson’s game against the Titans was better QB play than White against the Bengals.  For whatever reason White’s awful turnovers(and at a higher percentage) are basically ignored.  

I’d also ask anyone to explain why we’ve never seen any of these gadget throwback plays we saw every week when Wilson was out?  Why are those in the game plan for 3 straight weeks with backup QBs but not with Wilson ever?  That’s his strength.  Taking schemed shots down field.  They rarely do that with Wilson.

Wilson hasn’t been great by any stretch of the imagination.  He hasn’t been good outside a few games/stretches.  But to pretend Mike White has is ridiculous and the only reason I can assume is that it distracts people from having to talk about Wilson.  

I guess my bottom line is if any has watched all these games this year and hasn’t noticed the offensive approach with Wilson is different than the other guys then they are purposely ignoring that.  Why are they doing that?  I don’t know, but it’s very obvious.  Maybe they don’t trust Wilson.  Maybe they think he needs more babying than the others.  Maybe they think the others need propped up more because they aren’t as talented.  But it’s clearly different.  But in the end, the QB play is subpar across the board, but somehow White is viewed assume sort of magician when he has been equally sh*tty.

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35 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

It's  because White played really well, much better than any Jets QB since Fitz.

The Wilsonians need you to both believes that Mike White blows but that his performance that was better than any of Zach’s was a complete accident. Feelings over facts. Simple as that.

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