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Monday Night Football, 'Best in the NATION' vs a QB that sounds like a car muffler..

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Ouch yikes ow.  

Nope. It's time for an edge rusher. Time to reopen the sack exchange. We haven't had a legit edge guy since Abraham. Saleh's defense is predicated on getting a big rush with your front 4. On

Seattle pick is 4th Jets pick is 5th according to tankathon            

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1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

There was no doubt in my mind they would call that no good.

No one and I mean no one knows what a catch is even with review in this league.

At this point I'm pretty sure these "booth reviews" are really just a direct line to Goodell asking him which way he'd like the call to go, based on the score and teams involved.

None of that silly watching the play nonsense though, that's just an irrelevant waste of everyone's time.

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5 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Lived here for going on 25 years and absolutely hate WFT and their fans. But tonight, I must root for them to beat the Seahawks. Feels very nasty. 

Ah. I thought you may have eaten a vegetable by mistake. 

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Thibodeaux and Hutchinson may be out of reach, but I sure as hell wouldn’t sneeze at a Karlaftis/Hamilton combo in Round 1.

I’d love Linderbaum but this defense is dogsh*t with zero legitimate playmakers.

Roll with McGovern at center for at least another year and draft a RG within the first 3 rounds to compete with a cheaply re-upped LDT on a 1 year deal.

Douglas has already invested two 1st round picks in the OL in as many years, trading up once to do so. We shouldn’t have to deck out the entire line with high picks just to field a respectable unit.

Grab two blue-chip cornerstones for the D in Round 1 then some variation of the best available LB/TE/WR/OL with your two 2nd’s.

Walking away from the first 2 rounds with Karlaftis, Hamilton, Nakobe Dean, and Lecitus Smith would be a juicy pair of t!ts on top of a hot fudge sundae.

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