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Jets Promote K Alex Kessman cut K Matt Ammendola call up Walter Brown and Blair


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13 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

It would not shock me to see him added to the PS, guy has a booming leg. If he gets plucked off of the PS that's fine too. Fingers crossed Kessman can do better.

Because Amendola's above average leg and the misses were not by much I thought he would stck until the season's end. I am a bit surprised by this move. What could Amendola have done this week in practice that would have him cut Saturday night literally hours before game time Sunday morning but not Monday or Tuesday after the win in Houston  to ensure Kessman all the kicking reps as starter in practice? .

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30 minutes ago, Larz said:

So sorting the NFL PK by % you get. 

5. Nick Folk

31.  Jason Myers 

32. Dan Amnendola 

Hopefully some day we pay a good kicker

Dan Ammendola is a WR by trade so no wonder he is last.

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36 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

We know what’s happening tomorrow 

Losing by a FG 

Book it 

No. I'll tell you exactly how tomorrow plays out. 

We win by 3 points, but not because of a last second field goal and 37.8% of this forum declares that JD is a genius for making the switch in kickers. 

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