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Amendola should be our kicker...replacing him was a mistake


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Every single year since JD has been here, the rest of the league has found multiple kickers sitting on the scrap heap in the middle of the season who have been substantially better than every one of those the Jets had during that period.

The Jets are in the midst of their second kicker during that period who have missed every attempt of their careers.

Perhaps the real answer is looking for something a little better than which particular "worst kicker in the league" to choose.

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Why keep going with these inexperienced kickers? Should be giving guys like Cody Parkey a shot, 1. He’s a veteran, so he has the experience and 2. He’s a pretty decent kicker his career fg percentage is 84.6%, which is better than most of the kickers they brought in since letting Jason Meyers walk. 

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7 hours ago, shuler82 said:

If you don’t trust your kicker to make a FG you can’t keep him. Problem is now they have a guy they can’t trust to kick an extra point 

The good news is, if we don't score a lot of TDs, it really doesn't hurt us.  

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3 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Amendola’s misses (other than 1) were near misses. You ride it out with a young kicker. The more routine games become, the better they get. They’re not all born assassins like Justin Tucker. Instead, they have a breaking in period. Nick Folk is a good example.

Folk made the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

Meanwhile, for the past 3 years the Jets repeatedly have kickers who can't break the top 32 statistically, as other teams find scrap-heapers who can outperform anyone JD brings in.  Ammendola is just continuing the trend, as he currently comes in 34th in FG % this year.  His accuracy was called out as a concern from the day he was brought in, considering he kicked in the mid-70s% throughout college, so not sure what's expected to change in the NFL.

Although I suppose that is still better than JD's second 100% career miss-rate kicker.

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