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Does Saleh Not Realize we Cut Ammendola ?


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2 minutes ago, Be_a_Jet said:

No I think they brought in another person to kick already during the week. Forgot who it was. 

They worked ouot Eddy Piniero (kicked for the Bears a couple of years ago) during the week, but I didn't hear that they signed him.

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9 minutes ago, fusionCA said:

I guess Washington can sign a kicker mid week who can kick a game winning 48 yard FG and our kicker can't make N extra point 

that guy was with NO and got cut for missing 2 xps in a game they lose to Tenn by 2.

these guys are not good who get picked up mid season. yeah hes a hero today and next week he will be missing XPs again.

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This guy could be gone almost before he even got here. He was even interviewed after the game and you have to give the guy credit for facing the music even though he looked kind of shell shocked. Possibly Amendola is still on the premises and the team intends to put him on the PS. Kind of reminds you of Kaare Vedvic in 2019 he lasted one game after missing kicks. Btw Vedvic is still around he’s the punter for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and even punted for Sask today in their playoff L to Winnipeg. 

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