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Saints have lost 5 straight, come limping into MetLife


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3 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

Saints 34 Jets 13

Jets gameplan all week for Taysom Hill only to see Trevor Siemian shred them through the air. 

Isn't Siemian still hurt? Who is their 4th stringer. Need to grab him in fantasy.

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17 minutes ago, maury77 said:

I had Kamara last year on Fantasy, he scored 5tds in the last game of the season and I won the championship. Good times …….

I have had Kamara in this league since trading for him as a rookie (was actually targetting Fournette but got Kamara as a throw-in, lol). Unfortunately, I got knocked out in the semis last year :( 

Same year I got Fournette/Kamara I also traded for Mixon. Bought Zeke at rock bottom price last year (Gurley and Cam, lol). Got Hill and Godwin in trade also when they were rooks, also. QBs Stafford, Wentz (traded Daniel Jones for him straight up with a Giants homer this year) and have Trubisky and Minshew on my taxi squad. My TE is an epic disaster, though. 14 Team league. Huge rosters. Trade or die. Waivers won't save you. Due to great injury luck, I'm in first. Fingers crossed.

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26 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

even the jets cant hold a candle with the saints issues with the refs

There's actually been an interesting review of this data. The quite compelling conclusion: while it appears that certain head refs tend to result in a greater win(or loss)-percentage-against-expectation for certain teams, each ref's "favored" and "disfavored" teams are different. Meaning, there is no coordinated conspiracy by the league or anyone else to favor or disfavor certain clubs. 

Interestingly, the Jets were in the middle of the pack for every single head ref. Like starkly so. A barely visible bar above or below the zero line. If there is a conspiracy against the Jets by the NFL, it's one of apathy.

I'd post it but I know how this goes and it'll turn into people attacking the guy who did the analysis ("I demand to see the original of his Statistics PhD!!!!!") to avoid the disquieting conclusion.

But we don't really need all the data, do we? We just need to understand human nature. A conspiracy this epic, this astounding would require hundreds, perhaps thousands of co-conspirators over the years. The financial and fame incentives to whistleblow (book deals, talkshows, movie rights) would be overwhelming, especially to those who are fired/leave the league on bad terms. The more people a conspiracy requires to survive, the shorter its expected survival time. It's the inverse law of "people can't keep their mouths shut."

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10 hours ago, jamesr said:

And what do you predict for the second half? :D  

Normally the Jets give up 3 touchdowns in the first half, and only give up 3 field goals in the 2nd half.

There will be no punts from the Saints, and they should deactivate their punter for the upcoming game, so they could utilize a player at a different position of need.

The Jets could win if they can score more than 30 points.  C'mpn Zach!!!

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