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Tryin' to Be Positive, But Dead Last In Scoring Defense ...


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... takes wind out of the sails. And not last by a tenth of a point. At 30 ppg, 3 points worse than Atlanta. Against one of the easier schedules IINM.


Been meaning to contribute a positive post, emphasizing perspective. But man, a defense this bad ... it was a downer realizing this off season alone won't fix it.

It also could be the league has caught up with Saleh's scheme, as the Niners D ain't great shakes anymore. Regardless the D better be considerably better next year, or it's clear Saleh is in over his head.

But ending on a positive note: add a top corner, a healthy Carl Lawson, another edge presence, and some run stopping beef up front - hopefully that = a much improved 2022 D.

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5 minutes ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

I can see Lawson playing well in mid to late 2022. Not sure if he could have injured a worse body part for an explosive position. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets re-injured in 2022 and we never see him again. 

And... his explosion and lateral agility was always suspect to begin with. He's a straight line speed guy (elite at that). I humbly submit this is why he has so many pressures versus sacks. Can get there but the QB can side-step or step up and evade long enough to get off a throw.


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