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Adams out for season.


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2 hours ago, MR.GANGGREEN28 said:

Hopefully Jamal Adams threads are out for the season as well

Before the end of the season, Jamal Adams will tweet that his body heals like wolverine and, if not for being put on IR, he would have singled handedly carried the Seahawks to the super bowl. 

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

It's almost like sending an undersized WLB on 90+ blitzes a season against giant OT's is a bad idea.  

I don't even know why Jamal is opting for surgery.  I thought the football field was a "good place to die"?  Play through it, you b*tch.  

Same guy who, after getting yakked by the Rams to get his team knocked out of the playoffs, posted pictures of his finger surgery as an excuse for why he couldn’t deflect passes or tackle people

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Sorry, I just have to get this off my chest 

this guy can eat a bag of d’s. 

oh mr. 1st team all pro, 27 on NFL TOO 100 wants to win or get paid ?

what a joke. 

This franchise has a fan base with a history of being patient with 1st round picks and very supportive of players getting big contracts. The media is made up of fair minded journalist’s.  The weather is great. Low taxes. Jets own this market.  Highly respected owner that built a business from nothing. What’s not to like? 

This dummy shot his way out of town as the jets were on the cusp of greatness  

the hilarious part is the hawks didn’t extend him, and now look at him  great timing Jamal lol  

Maye kept his mouth shut and played nice and he’s got a huge guaranteed contract  to protect him from his injury 

that’s how you act if you want the fat stacks. the jets defense is so good they don’t miss him at all  

I bet he kicks himself for tweeting that crap every day  he could be here with magic Mike  





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