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One day the Braxton Berrios type of player will not be on this team


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On 12/8/2021 at 5:29 PM, BornJetsFan1983 said:

Sometimes we get so caught up in Wilson etc. bring good or how Corey Davis doesn't live up to expectation etc. But the really big things people just dismiss or dont bring up is how bad our roster really is. We have tons of below average jags, that might pop off a play here or there in their 5000 attempts and look good every now and then, but DAMN, we need to upgrade this roster. 

Some people want to extend this guys or other like him. He is a scrub player. Sorry no offense but he is not a playing ball anywhere else. I like to think and debate about our line and other positions but drafting well is really the only way to get better. And for Joe D. part in all this he has been upgrading us, this last draft especially.

I can not wait till we no longer have these guys on the squad, they are god damn practice squad guys.  

SOme of this is also just bad team management like what we see in Baltimore wiht thier RB's. they had a great back in Tyson - young athletic, good player, and then they run Bell, devaonte and every other run down back in the league to replace him. Why the hell we got COleman, Ty johnson out there all year? It took way too many weeks to get Carter the ball. but look at this kid walter. He should be the back up, 

so drafting is great but we also have to lose this hold on to scrub mentality. Braxton should be gone. Rant over. Also i hate Berrios.



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23 minutes ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

We need more players like Berrios. 

I’ll go back to what I wrote earlier this week, 3 years $18M.

We wait another week, the price might go up

If you do that as $12M guaranteed and the rest as incentives that would be perfect.

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