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13 minutes ago, phill1c said:

It's amazing. the complainers judge THE ROOKIE as if he's been playing four years in the NFL. and on a team that is established, which this team most definitely isn't.

He should be looking as bad as he is. Have you seen the run defense?

It’s amazing he can’t compete passes to wide open WRs that my 6year old makes. Stop making excuses. 

any NFL QB should make those passes. Any NFL qb should be more accurate. 

zach has a lot of problems and historically, tough to correct. 

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1 minute ago, kdels62 said:

I’d like Zach to show some fight. 

It’s a similar psychological issue @T0mShane can understand. It’s similar to the psychological issues that cause drops on easy passes.

“d4mn it, everyone told me to tell them I’d refuse to play if they drafted me, but I thought I could fix it… only 38 more games to get out of here if I keep sucking.”

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3 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Literally everything you said in this was false lol. That's an accomplishment to itself. 

My entire argument has and will maintain that JD and Saleh are inherently the problem with every bit of this team. 

I've said multiple times in this thread and others when Zach has sucked on passes or decisions. 

I never remotely said 1 word about this being a "good" performance. My angle today is pointing out the sheer ridiculousness where everyone blames Zach for every aspect of this team without taking absolutely anything into context. Its tiring.

He is a rookie playing his what 8th start? With zero offensive weapons on the field and a leaky O Line. The weapons that are there drop sh*t, fall down, etc, its comical. 

Those 3 other QBs got to play their damn games with starters on the field. The offense alone today is missing like 5 starters. 

Ok that definitely explains the 5 yard pressure free dumps he throw 2 yards and the shin shots and sailing balls

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