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4 minutes ago, phill1c said:

who have been in the NFL for years.

Again, if you can't give a guya mulligan in hisrookie season, maybe rooting for the Jets is too difficult for you. They have 31 other teams, man. The Jets just spent the #3 and #2 on QBs. What do you want?

It's kinda old, fans judging rookies like veterans because they can't stand to lose. Get over it.

Dude I can understand a couple of horrible mistakes or missed passes. This kid is a regularfor those.

font try to sell me a bill of goods. Zach cant make easy passes and its literally costing us this game

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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

It can be simultaneously true that we have limited talent today AND Zach Wilson is an abomination independent of the lack of talent.

Up until this week Wilson had plenty of surrounding talent. What were the excuses those weeks?

He was fine last week.

if you want to compare the talent week in and week out lets start with the roster that allowed him to create 3 first half TDs.

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36 minutes ago, phill1c said:

after how many years?

This guy is a rookie, right? WTF do you realize that even Peyton Manning totally sucked his first year?

it's amazing that you can be Jets fans and yet be so incredibly unable to stand even a few games of poor play during a player's development.

I'm not saying he's looking good. but when the light eventually comes on, it's going to be brilliant, here or elsewhere. He's better than Darnold.

The next person who brings up Peytons rookie season as if that means anything needs to get perma-banned.

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Just now, Gastineau Lives said:

You're gloating about your own misery, cool.

Not gloating. But not hiding my head in the sand either. Those are his abysmal numbers. Wilson needs to be held accountable for them. he looks like garbage. We ALL expected better from him. Or were we all lied to by JD and the rest of the dopes who picked him?

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Just now, T0mShane said:

The story of the day is that the Jets have to consider giving Wilson the rest of the season off.

I would. Hes not going to learn anything throwing to Cole, the disinterested corpse of Crowder (who we should have traded in the off-season) and *checks notes* DJ Montgomery.

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4 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Show me the wide open plays lol. You're fuxking high. There were like 3 total throws he didnt make where a guy was just "open".

They will never be a winnable game as long as this defense exists.

Oh Jesus. I dont have time to cut up film. They happened.

screen to Berrios, he bounced it

roll out to right misses a soooo wide open griffin there was no one within 15 yards- that ball was no where near him.

there were multiple others

stop making excuses for Zachenberg

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