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Zach's Fit In the LaFleur Offense


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It's not the largest sample size, but it's substantial. And yesterday and other moments this season it's felt square peg in round hole. Whereas Mike White (initially), Flacco & Josh Johnson looked more comfortable.

LaFleur was reared under Kyle Shanahan, going back to 2014 in Cleveland. My understanding of Shanahan's system - it's plenty of tight throwing windows. QB precision & timing are a must. Jimmy G was supposed to be that in SF, but he's been too inconsistent & can't stay healthy.

Zach is a gunslinger. He's missed games already due to injury. Zach better not be another Jimmy G in the LaFleur-Shanahan offense. LaFleur must be flexible enough to marry his scheme to Zach's strengths.

Also no more of this "rookie OC, rookie QB, rookie HC" excuse BS. The season is almost finished. In terms of actual games played, they're closer to year 2 than the start of year 1.

I still have high hopes for Zach. If he's properly plugged in to a system with a solid supporting cast on the field and the CS, I think he can excel.

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