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Cimini questions Saleh about team progress


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17 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

Saleh better be very careful with his answers.   It’s cool to be able to say how everyone is young and in their first year and yada, yada, yada.   What’s his answer going to be next year when expectations ramp up even more than they are now.    It’s easy to be dismissive of people asking about the lack of improvement right now and act like he knows more and has everything under control.   He has 4 more games of these excuses and then he’s going to have to come up different excuses.   

I hate when he says the progress shows up on film. I get it but after hearing that every week, you have to start asking, then wtf did we just watch for 3 hours?

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5 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

Is it really that hard to understand what Saleh said and didn't want to say?  Not only was this team young and inexperienced in August, but now in December, it is decimated by injuries.   The team that took the field in September was already missing key pieces from the team that opened camp in July, and the team that took the field yesterday did not even resemble the team that opened the season in July, or September.  He started to say that players that played yesterday were getting first time NFL experience, but just stopped. Anybody looking to measure this team with wins and losses at this point is showing lack of knowledge.  And Cimini is just being his name - Dick.  

I like to be reasonable and logical so I thought about this. However, this was literally their strategy (to go in young). So this is the result of THEIR strategy. I know it is difficult to build depth with the roster in the shape that it is but injuries are guaranteed. It is like me forgetting an umbrella when it rains every day.

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3 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

Rich was 100 percent right. 

All of you told me the team would "gel" come mid season. We are here in Dec and there is zero difference from the Sep team. 

It's just a really really bad football team and roster. 

Tough for a team to "gel" when the starting players change every week, and it is a first year for everyone in a new system.

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37 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

A dude who quite literally has never been in charge of anything and bristles at having to be responsible for everything. Really, really, really needed to hire a coordinator with experience to help guide him through the sh*t, but he hired his homeboys instead. 

Remind me of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure minus the excellent part. 

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2 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Tough for a team to "gel" when the starting players change every week, and it is a first year for everyone in a new system.

It does not take one year to learn " a system" 

That's just not a factual statement. 

Also does miss tackles, throws, and drops get learned in " the system" 

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42 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

He wanted to say that he’s stuck coaching a bunch of rookies and backups, but he stopped himself because he knew it’d come off as excuse-making, particularly when chopped up into soundbytes. 

This is my best guess. 

He wants to say "we looked like we were making progress on offense when Moore, Davis, and Michael Carter were playing and our defense is starting late round draft picks who may not even belong in the league"

But he knows how bad that will sound.

Although the injuries have killed the Jets again, this team constantly feels out of position on defense and out of sync on offense. There are profound coaching issues this season and I'm sure he knows that. This dude needs an offseason to reflect and regroup, much like the QB. 

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