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7 minutes ago, johnnyjet said:

19 of 22 dropbacks Zach has been rushed hit or sacked 

Yup... Missing multiple pieces on the O line playing against a team that does a lot of exotic blitzing. 5 sacks so far (I think one sack was within 1.5 seconds of the snap), and we're not done.

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Some of you folks really show your ass when start trying to process real-time.  Mims was not even remotely close to open.  Some of you have no idea what you are watching.

I thought the same thing. Mims only got open after he turned up field out of the slant, but the ball was already out by then.

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Just now, jetstream23 said:

Zach isn’t trash, but he is not good.

Looking at the playcalling and statistics from this game, it’s starting to become clear it was a lot of smoke and mirrors. Zach has made some plays though, no doubt about it. Some good throws, a great scramble, etc. 

But LaFleur has been hiding him essentially against a very good Miami defense. Very short passes, some trick plays, etc.

Like the Eagles game, they played vanilla defense in the first half, then started blitzing in the second half, and Wilson melted down entirely

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