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Sticking up for the OL


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Douglas still has some more work to do on the OL, but - despite any letdowns or whiffs - it's not nearly as bad a situation as it was when he got here.

  • Becton's been the biggest letdown of the lot this year, but despite some reported struggles earlier in the summer - which the whole OL without him had through the first week - he's a top talent who was coming off a very promising rookie season in terms of production not just potential.
  • Moses fell into his lap after the draft, and unless they're terrified of what will (or won't) be with Becton in '22 I don't expect him to be re-signed unless there just isn't much of a market for him in FA. If they do re-sign him then they could/should wait at least until the end of the summer on extending Fant. 
  • AVT looks like he'll have a good long career ahead of him
  • McGovern has had about as good a season as he was expected to have when he was first signed: average to a hair above average, plus adds veteran stability, but nothing that we should avoid upgrading. Now's a good time to grab a next man up while he's got 1 contract season left; not wait until his contract expires and then furiously look to extend him or sign another FA who has to choose the Jets as much as the Jets choose him.
  • Fant...I was in favor of holding off on extending him, but with Becton still out and Moses a UFA he may want to remove that variable for 2023. Fant's nothing great himself but is good enough, and consistency on a zbl is always welcomed (all other things being equal). It's not like FF add/drop where personnel consistency is irrelevant. 
  • LDT is meh; he's just not as meh as GVR was or Feeney was/is, which is kinda half what I expected. 

They should be looking to draft a C-G in or around round 2 (they have four top-40 picks without trading down). Plus maybe another developmental iOL pick in round 5 like they sought in Clark just to do it. But in terms of the '22 draft that's it; they have at least an average OL in place, and have far bigger upgrade needs at TE, WR, and all over their defense.

That doesn't even consider the elephant in the room at QB but no one seriously expects Douglas to draft a QB next season. So with plenty of cap space what probably makes the most sense is a veteran who isn't 5 yrs past his starting days, and then see how much (if at all) Wilson grows before deciding what they need or don't at QB for 2023.

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20 hours ago, jgb said:

Here's the problem. Every game you can find some excuse. This game it's Fant out. The problem is that Zach has sucked for all but maybe 10 quarters of football all year (being generous) despite having a mid-tier OL.

If your FQB needs everything to be perfect, you don't have a FQB.

Indeed, since Wilson’s return in Week 12, the offense has regressed.

Including the team’s 31-24 loss to the Dolphins in Week 15, the Jets offense has averaged just 18 points and 257.75 yards over the past four games with Wilson under center. They haven’t cracked 300 offensive yards and have only scored more than 20 points once during that stretch.

Wilson is supposed to be the key to unlocking the Jets offense after Joe Douglas picked him second overall this past April. But instead, the Jets haven’t mustered much in his return and the offense looks lost heading into the final month of the season. There were three other QB that made this O look at least average.  Yet, ZW is making progress, no INTs, short throws were better... yet the O only managed 54 yards in the second half.  54, yes indeed, he is the FQB. 

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My point is what do they do when he gets hurt? the majority of the 2nd half sacks were not Zach's fault, he barely had the ball by the time he was dropped most of the time. 
I don't know if the current system is going to work, but I doubt drafting new guys will help either.

Zach also has a responsibility to recognize the defense and make adjustments at the line. The problem is he doesn’t recognize anything because he’s clueless to the intellect of the NFL game. That’s why there is a huge difference of how the OL looks with him in the game vs White/Flacco/Johnson.

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