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Really Really Really Bad Coaching Job Yesterday


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3 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

Team is a complete and utter disaster 

bad coaching 

historically bad defense 

bad qb play 

average running 

You couldn’t ask for worse right now

Although if you hear it from Saleh this is  “the plan”

Apparently part of the plan to develop Zach is putting Mike White in the witness protection program.  

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3 hours ago, 56mehl56 said:

I think not having Fant and then losing AVT really hurt big time . Mcdermott, Feeney and Van Rotten are not quality NFL Oline backups. I do agree both the RB's and TE's were horrid in pickups or even just chipping a Defender. Some of it is coaching but a large % is talent level of our backups.

Is this the narrative now?  Love it!  McDermott played the entire game.  He may have been a problem, but he was there for the good times too.  Van Roten did not play offense at all.  4 snaps on special teams.  As @JiFapono pointed out in one of these threads, Feeney played 2 snaps on offense.  AVT missed 2 snaps.  I am not sure how you can complain that the problem comes from guys that were not on the field.  McDermott is not a guy I really wanted to see on the field, but he is the 4th ******* tackle.  How many teams feel comfortable trotting their 3rd string LT out there? 

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