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Too Many Unknowns ...


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5 minutes ago, KRL said:

As the season comes to an end there are too many "unknowns" on the roster.
And unfortunately the biggest unknown starts at the QB spot, let's review:


- There's nothing Zach Wilson can do over the final three games that is going to make
me comfortable about projecting him as a "franchise QB".  Way too many missed layup 
throws, too many prolonged periods of "3 and outs", too many blitzes that aren't
picked up and not enough checkdown/chain moving completions.  I'm probably being
harsh but after countless young QB's who've amounted to nothing I'm "damaged".
Wilson does have "Mahomes/Rodgers" type of arm talent but can he incorporate the
traits Mike White, Josh Johnson & Joe Flacco displayed when they ran this offense?


- We need at least one RB maybe two because I'm not impressed with Ty Johnson or
LaMical Perine.  When Johnson had the opportunity to start he dropped every throw
to him and was benched.  And Perine has been so unimpressive that RB's on the 
practice squad have played more than him.


- At this point we need a total overhaul at the position.  I want to see Kenny 
Yeboah in the final three games to see if he's worth investing in going forward.


- With two high draft picks and Mekhi Becton's injury the LT spot has to be looked
at.  Can Douglas trust Becton to stay healthy or does he bring in another LT prospect?


- Elijah Moore has been dynamic when healthy and Corey Davis was a disappointment.  They'll
both be back next year, Moore needs to stay on the field and Davis has to earn his $$$.  But
we definitely need at least one high end WR free agent/draft pick.  Braxton Berrios will
probably be back because of his special teams ability but he's a #4/#5 WR at best.  Denzel
Mims has done nothing to earn the trust of the staff or playing time, I'll be shocked if
he's back.


- A healthy Carl Lawson is a good start but we must add at least two more edge rushers in the
off-season.  Add in Bryce Huff and you'll have a nice four man rotation at DE.  I would then
kick John Franklin-Myers inside next to Quinnen Williams and hopefully terrorize QB's.


- CJ Mosley did not catch "LeVeon Bell" disease and has been better than anticpated.  Quincy
Williams is raw but has shown intriguing skills.  But a high draft pick should be used on a
LB who can be a dynamic sideline to sideline game changer


- At least two safeties need to be brought in, one veteran to control/settle down the back
end.  The other safety could be a draft pick but they must be a ballhawk who takes the ball
away.  Does Marcus Maye take a one year "make good" contract?  Ashtyn Davis & Elijah Riley
can be kept around to compete but we can't rely on them.

Sadly you are 100% correct on all counts.  IMHO, these are the top things you must do before next season:  1. I'm going to guess that Fant goes back to right tackle, and Becton goes back to left tackle for next season.  Fant will make almost $10M next season, so if he is brought back, it must be in a starting role. Becton can not be counted on, so I would sign a competent tackle that can jump in if Becton is out injured again.  Moses will be too expensive to be brought in as a backup.

#2  We must sign a #1 wide receiver in free agency or use one of our top draft picks to get a #1 wide receiver.

#3  If we resign Dubernet, then I would be happy not to draft a guard or center in the first round, but if Dubernet is not signed, then we must draft one in the first round.

4. Edge rusher must be addressed early on.  Linebacker must be addressed early on.  Davis has underperformed.

5. Draft a running back, safety and cornerback by round 4.

So many needs, and not enough draft picks to address them all.  Hopefully we can fill at least 2 of the major holes before the draft.  Sadly, I don't have an answer for the QB situation right now.


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This team needs a playmaker, I think if he stays healthy and they design the offense around him Moore could be that guy, BUT he is also like OP said an unknown.  It doesn’t matter the position we need ourselves a CMC, Hill, or a Lamar Jackson type of QB any position playmaker.

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It looks really bleak. When I criticise Douglas it's for sh*t like this. Two years into a project and there's still instability everywhere with zero improvement on the field. So many of his short term flyers have ended how you'd expect. Fant is the only free agent to really pay off. But look at the money we invested in absolute trash - Desir, Perriman, Van Roten, Davis, Cole, Rankins, Shaq Lawson - They've all been disgustingly bad. Then you have Lawson, Joyner and Curry who couldn't even see the f*cking field. Then you throw in the write off that was the 2020 draft and you can see how much we've been set back. 


Just f*cked unless Wilson does a total 180. Need to bring in a veteran who can legitimately start if needed. 


Meh - Nothing position. Not worth investing anything in given the state of the roster. Carter is a fine starter and you can find complimentary pieces for next to nothing. 


Maybe the worst group for any position in the league. Need a starter and another guy who can contribute. The Ryan Griffin extension was an abomination. 


I definitely bring back Fant, who's the most reliable of the lot. Wouldn't mind doing the same again with Moses as insurance for Becton who cannot be trusted. 

Need serious help on the interior of the line. A starting quality guard and or centre. It's also high time we got a new OL coach because we have a long running issue of guys looking absolutely lost when it comes to who they should be blocking. 


Moore and Davis is a pretty average pair but given the state of the roster they're still far from a weakness. It's a position like CB where I'd take the big upgrade if the opportunity, if it's top of the draft board essentially. If we bring back Berrios and add another guy then it's a passable group. It can elevate itself if Moore takes another step and becomes a legit #1 which he certainly has the talent to do. Get Mims out of the building ASAP. 


Maybe the most overrated group in the league. Fatukasi is genuinely the only guy who can play against the run with Q, Rankins and Shepherd all liabilities. I desperately want an elite pass rushing prospect in the draft as we can't fully rely on Lawson while JFM is good for a high PFF grade and nothing more. Get the top pass rusher, extend Foley, find another run stopping DT's in free agency and prepare to move Quinnen on in the next year or so. He's not worth the contract he'll seek. Of course we'll beat Jacksonville to ensure we miss out on the the pass rushers and end up in no man's land as per f*cking usual. 


Atrocious group. Need three starters. Mosley is great at making tackles 8 yards downfield. He lost weight and his physicality. Looks shot as an athlete. Quincy Williams is a good tackler but looks like he's never played the position in his life and Davis has been a total bust. We're stuck with Mosley sadly but we need to find better quality than what we have if this defence is going to progress. No more overpaying of proven garbage like Jarrad Davis ffs. 


Until we can stop the run we need to prioritise the front seven as it's just abysmal but the secondary isn't much better either aside from Bryce Hall. It's one of those positions that you can strengthen if the right opportunity is there in the draft but not something I'd want investing our most valuable resources in. Let Saleh coach the younger guys up and hope the pass rush can start getting home with Lawson. 

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26 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

Pairing Michael Carter with one of the elite college RB's would be wise for this team, especially in a high 2nd round pick or through a trade down of the Seattle pick.

need a big bruising back to complement him

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4 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

Then unless he has the owner onboard that this is going to take another full year to get things in order, he'll lose his job after next year. Just my opinion. 

There's a reason JD has a 6 yr contract.  I don't think he's willing to dump a load of cash in FA until the team is ready to compete for a championship of some kind.  That won't be next year

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QB - Zach is the QB next year

RB - Michael Carter is the running back, bring in a bruiser maybe for goal line work.

WR - there’s some interesting names in free agency. Michael Gallop would be a nice addition. 

OL - this is where Douglas needs to break the bank for Schreff! Give the man whatever he wants. Becton AVT McG Schreff Fant 

I feel like this is a good formula for the offense going into free agency. As far as the defense, I’d use a majority of my draft capital on defense. There’s alot of good defensive players in this draft. First 2 picks could be any combo of one of the edges (hopefully Hutchinson, Thibodeaux or Karlaflis) and either Stingley or Hamilton. 2nd round there’s a ton of linebackers in that territory that we should be targeting.

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With the way things are going we'll end up with four picks in the top 50.
Every one of those picks need to be a starter/big contributor next year.
If Douglas trusts Becton's health I would use our top 4 picks to address:

- Pass Rusher
- LB
- WR
- S

After that I would look to address the following:

- Pass Rusher
- TE
- OLine
- RB

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