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Honest question--how does this defense get fixed?

Peace Frog

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7 hours ago, jgb said:

There are a lot of holes. I think the #1 weakness on the D is the LB corps currently. We've been a juicy mid-rare steak up the middle to rushing teams all year. If you can't stop the run at the second level and force teams to take to the air, you're going to have a hard time with time of possession and winning football games. Until we can do that, even a great EDGE's impact will be limited.


Devin Lloyd or Nakobe Dean would look good in green and white.

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7 hours ago, Big_Slick said:

The LB's and Safeties are not very good, few would start on a top 20 team. The DL *should* be a strength but injury to the top rushing DL the Jets signed in FA caused expectations of a great pass rush to be put on hold until next year. Still, the rest of the DL should be able to stop the run. The numbers against Miami were really bad.

The system Salah brings with him does not work with our current players. How many drafts and big $$$ FA's signings is it going to take to fill the D roster sufficiently so that Salah can play the D he insists on rolling out every week. 

The D is historically bad (NOT because of Zach - who had a fantastic 1/2 half vs Miami) but because it starts with drafting players that will be good in the NFL and not just did well in the NCAA. Idzak and Macc left the cupboard bare but JD has had two drafts and 2.5 FA off seasons and the D roster is w/o much NFL level talent. And I don't buy that JD picked Gase's players his 1st year so he get a bye for that draft - I say BS. JD was the GM and *he* made the picks.

Should we fire JD now or just wait and see?

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6 hours ago, THE BARON said:

The team has to change hands to an owner that is ready willing and able to hire a competent GM and then, stay out of his/her way. 

Until that occurs, the Jets are going to be a franchise that fields a football team that loses on the field, loses regularly and loses soundly.  

I thought Woody was trying to change with JD.  Do you have or do you know anyone with a few billion who could purchase the team from Woody?

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51 minutes ago, SR24 said:

Joe D has to go big game hunting in free agency and bring in play makers. Acknowledge and accept that you're going to have to pay the Jet tax and pay it. Stay away from players with injury history and bring in defenders who will help generate turnovers. Jets need to sign a day 1 defensive back and bring in a stud- J.C Jackson, Jessie Bates, or Marcus Williams are the 1st that come to mind. 

I don’t know whether he has not been trying to do that.  He has pursued at least some of the top FAs.  At this point if I was a FA there are too many questions about the ability and tenure of the Jets’ current staff.  If they can pay the Jets tax on a few players, that would be great.  Otherwise I think the best way to turn this around if to draft well, draft often (trading players and down and coaching well.  If JD drafted well in 2020, this team would be a lot better now. 

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