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Most important weekend for "Tankathon" hopefuls ?


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14 hours ago, Wit said:

We have picked high and players busted, and we have picked lower and players did well. I’m going to root for a win. I’m done with rooting for losses after the Trevor Lawerence debacle. He’s not even that great. 

And we have also heard how we have to be #1 to get player X and they "miraculously" fall to us several spots later. Especially in a year that is poor for QBs, the draft order is very unpredictable, so hoping to be in a certain spot so as to draft a certain player is just too much, IMHO.

There are moans of us having "meaningless wins" pretty every year, yet we still have chances to draft guys like Watson / Mahomes regardless. Play to win, and the rest will work itself out.

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