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Probowl Shutout - 2 Years Running

Barry McCockinner

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1 hour ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

Pro bowl is a crock . It's a popularity contest . It means nothing in the grand scheme of things . It's a way to get extra money in a players contract . It's a douche festival .

But only when our guys aren't picked. ;-)  

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I know that the Pro Bowl is not necessarily an accurate measurement of player quality, but I thought it would be interesting to look at this year's Pro Bowl roster and highlight in particular the good players that the Jets passed over to pick someone not as good or worse.

Obviously the lower a player is picked, the more teams pass them over.  I also believe that the NFL Scouts tend to scout as a herd and have the same views on players.  So what I am focusing is when a great player gets picked pretty soon after the Jets picked someone who was not as good.   I think we can also see pretty clearly the trade-off when you pick a QB high (and potentially trade other draft picks), taking a gamble on that QB but passing over players more likely to be successful.  That is very clear in this year's Pro Bowl. 

We will start with the NFC Offense Skill Players

QB-Kyler Murray was picked first, and Brady and Rodgers were picked a long time ago (and were passed over by many teams).  Nothing productive to say here.

RB-All three NFC Pro Bowl RBs were selected in the 2017 Draft-a draft that the Jets/Maccagnan messed up enough to set the team back for years.  When you look at the depth of that draft, and the players that the Jets actually took, it is remarkable.

  • Dalvin Cook-picked 2 picks after Maye in the second round of the 2017 draft
  • James Conner-third round compensatory pick (we will see alot of these) in the 2017 draft-the Jets picked ArDarious Steward higher in the third round (after trading down)
  • Alvin Kamara-top of the third round of the 2017 draft-supposedly the Jets tried to trade up to pick him.


  • Cooper Kupp-2017 third round, again.  He was picked right before the Jets' original third round pick before they traded down for Stewart (original pick was used by the Vikings to take Pat Elflein, who has been a mixed bag).  
  • Devonte Adams-2014 second round pick, 4 picks after the Jets took Jace Amaro.  That is a back breaker. 
  • Deebo Samuel-2019 second round pick, right after the Jets' original pick (that they traded for Darnold).  The Colts used that pick on Rock Ya-Sin.   So trading to move up for Darnold cost the Jets chances at drafting numerous Pro Bowl players that we will see.


  • George Kittle-another gem from the 2017 draft.  Kittle was picked in the fifth round after the Jets took Chad Hansen.  
  • Kyle Pitts-rookie Pro Bowler.  The alternative to picking Zach Wilson was to instead build a base with players like Kyle Pitts.  There are several more of these.  If Zach Wilson can develop into an average QB it will have been worth it.  


  • Kyle Juszcyk-4th round compensatory pick in 2013 Draft by the Ravens.  The Jets traded their 4th round pick for Chris Ivory.  

A pattern is starting to emerge-the Jets picking busts while other teams find Pro Bowlers in rounds below the first round.  Teams find Pro Bowlers with compensatory picks.   And taking chances on QBs, particularly drafting for draft picks and trading down, foregoes the opportunity to take players more likely to succeed.  A smart team would have tried to accumulate as many picks in the 2017 draft as possible.

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Lets look at the NFC Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman.


  • Wirfs-2020 Draft-enuf said.
  • Trent Williams and Tryon Smith were both picked before the Jets picked.


  • Zach Martin-no issue-right before Calvin Pryor
  • Scherff-no issue-right before Leonard Williams
  • Marpet-2nd Round of the 2015 Draft well behind Devin Smith.  There is an army of other Pro Bowlers and starters picked after Devin Smith in that round.    To add insult to injury, Marpet is a local kid who played at Hastings HS and Hobart College.


  • Jason Kelce-6th round of the 2011 Draft.  The Jets traded a good portion of their picks in that draft (coming off AFCCG 2).
  • Ryan Jensen-6th round  (compensatory pick) of the 2013 Draft.  The Jets took William Campbell in the 6th round.   Another Pro Bowl compensatory draft pick by Ozzie Newsome.  


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