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JAX Josh Allen, Shenault & Bartch: Covid+

Barry McCockinner

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17 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

What about having a Covid-only game?  Like, you need to HAVE Covid to play.  They could quarantine the small number of guys without Covid and just put the Covid guys on the field?  There's no doubt they could put together an officiating crew full of Covid+ guys as well... refs are always running around at a crowded bars after games.  At least I know that to be the case in Boston because they get their drinks paid for. ;)


The interest would be infectious!

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2 minutes ago, Sammybighead said:

Damn, should I be concerned Jets may actually win?

They are playing Jacksonville.  A bad team in a meaningless late season game that will hurt draft position if we win.  I think we are undefeated in this situation.  About the only siutation where you can count on a Jet win.

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22 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

So wait, you’re already promoting that if Zach has a good game it doesn’t count?

Wow, just wow.  

just strange that you’re more concerned with Jet fans being happy about their QB doing well than their QB actually doing well.  
it’s a very strange time to be a Jet fan. Strangest I can remember.  

I hope we win, might have a HC on the staff after all.

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