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Bench him the rest of the year...


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3 minutes ago, heymangold said:

I bet if we didn’t have a career TE coach as the HC today, they probably would have won by a more comfortable margin. 

He got a little too aggressive with those fourth down calls inside the five. He was fortunate that Zach bailed him out with that TD to the OT. 

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Just now, Bronx said:

"No room for aggression in the NFL, only smiles" - Todd



I’m generally all about going for it on fourth down, going for two, etc., but he left some points off the board unnecessarily today. Game was closer than it should’ve been. 

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5 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

The thing is he looked liked he was playing under control and wasn't  pressing. He also didn't  dirt any balls

This week and last week it looked like it was starting to slow down for him. 

He’s far from perfect but I think he’s improving.   

I hope he keeps that feel of when he should tuck and run.  That will make the flat more difficult to defend on 3rd down rollouts.  

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