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Root for wins? Root for Draft Postion? What do REAL Jets Fans do?


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7 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

I was not going against your post or your point Francis so calm down a bit. I should have made that clear. I was just making some points based on some saying there's no high rated QB in this years draft. There's always high rated QB's for good or bad reasoning and like I said most of the time they are force fed up the draft board while good QB's Like my examples move back. When you see QB's drafted late in the draft like 3rd round or better that excel in the NFL that means hundreds of teams failed to see the talent right in front of their face. The main point I was making is that teams GM's Coaches ..whatever are terrible at evaluating players because they do not know how they translate from college to the pro's. Most scouts GM's are all caught up in Arm Strength, Mobility, Speed or physical traits when they should be looking at how these players actually play football. 

I'm good with trading down to gain more picks but if there is a good QB prospect that falls into the second round I think we should pull the trigger because I do not think Zach is the answer or at the very least he needs a lot more time to develop.

Don’t call me Frances. I prefer Sy Koh.

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On 12/29/2021 at 3:31 AM, BurnleyJet said:

We are locked into 4-5 pick, the tank finished by beating Jags last week. May as well hope for a fluke Win over the Bucks or Bills. Personally I hoping we don’t get 50 burger’ed and play a competitive game. 

hate to say it....but we are getting wrecked the next 2 weeks

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On 12/30/2021 at 8:28 AM, Nixhead said:

Against the Super Bowl champs and the Bills - 100% you root for the Jets to win!!! It shouldn't even be a second thought. If you can beat these kind of teams late in the season in games they are trying to win you are proving that next season you could be a force. Your offseason will be that much more pleasant and you might attract some better free agents. Odds are Jets dont win but Yes you root your ass off for the Jets to win these games!

We can root all we want. Look where it's gotten us.

Root for what you want. Nobody but you really cares.

I was not devastated by the loss yesterday. There were several reasons why the Jets lost and not converting a 4th down play is not the only one. The called defense appeared to not at all be correct for not allowing a TD. The Jets appeared to throw the game.

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