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Tony Pauline’s latest on Becton


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2 minutes ago, Barkus said:

Just like when he was the only one saying mac was going to be fired?

4,000 members on this board were saying that on a daily basis!


That type of drafting, coupled with on-field performance, would have gotten another GM fired a year or two earlier.

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2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

If Becton would just look at the other players the jets drafted in 2020 and follow their example of good play and hard work, durability and talent like,







Bryce Hall....yeah he just needs to follow the example of Bryce!



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"Next week — how to fix the problem." 

Still waiting.


But i agree there is an issue here. If still being inured was the reason why he couldn't return, the Jets would just say that and most would understand. But they keep stating that there is a path to return. That tells me it is on Becton to put in the work and it is extremely disappointing if he is not doing it. Carter running behind Becton and AVT was supposed to be something special for us and I'm running out of hope for it. 

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23 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

This pick goes to the top of page one, column one, in the all time Jet busts compendium.

Guess you arent aware of this teams history, lol

Hes a bust because Tony Pauline claims the Jets are pissed at him?  

Hes not going anywhere, worst case scenario hes getting pushed to RT by Fant.  



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