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Jets wil*l upset** Bucs and pre*vent TB *from #1 seed *on* Sunday** official Gamedread**

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In a shock surprise, Bowle’s defense will be overwhelmed by a LeFleurian commitment to the run and screen game to #32 and Wilson will try to test the injured Bucs’ 2dary. 

Jets weirdly upset a sloppy TB 26-24 for a tease of hope to Jets fans at the onset of 2022 and the home finale of a painful and unbearably ugly year sans mono. 

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8 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

Weed Party Hard GIF by reactionseditor

Granny?…. Is that you?

We’ve been looking all over town for you since the Hospice reported you missing.

Wait a minute… isn’t that @T0mShane living room? Are you two hooking up again? Is he the one shooting the video? Remember, you were the one that filed the Restraining Order against him! Judge is going to be pissed after you accusing TS of false imprisonment in his basement and lewd conduct. 

Come home…. The kids miss you!

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I don't know about the Bucs situation with players out this week but it's pretty easy to predict this game. Most of us based on what we've seen so far this season assume Brady will watch the tape and easily figure out the weaknesses and holes in the Jets defense. He's done this for years but this season esp there are just too many opportunities for them to be successful. Brady obviously can read defenses with the best of them all time and the Jets have been giving up over 30 points per game on most weeks. If the Jets are going to be in this game they have to keep the Bucs O off the field which means move the ball and score on offense. This is not impossible I see more success on offense today than on defense. The variable is also turnovers Brady is not exempt esp if there is a pass rush. I don't see the Jets players quitting in this game at least until they are totally out of it. Bucs 34 Jets 17. 

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