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Jets wil*l upset** Bucs and pre*vent TB *from #1 seed *on* Sunday** official Gamedread**

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I heard Saleh’s interview after the game. I’ve had hours now to think about it and I’m not going to criticize him anymore for going for it on 4th down and not kicking the FG. He wanted to end the game on that one play and not give the ball back to Brady who has over 40 come from behind wins and let’s face it a number of them against us. He made it clear giving it to Berrios was the play they wanted to call and he stated it would have been a slam dunk. He said the play call to Zach should have been to Berrios only but LaFleur gave him the option to run it and Zach thought it was open. He actually didn’t miss it by all that much after a second effort but he fell short. 

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3 hours ago, Origen said:

Yes.  Rest was pointless.

Not really.  You could give Wilson a pass for being a rookie.  But Berrios was on fire all game and even I on my couch could tell the Bucs D was keying on a QB sneak.  The #2 pick called his own number anyway.  Whether ego or ignorance, it was an obvious wrong call from the start.  I compare it to a baseball manager neglecting to order his hitter to take the 3-0 pitch.

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1 hour ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Honestly, who cares that we lost in the end.  Zach Wilson looked like a legit starting NFL QB today.  That's a great sign.  Let's hope that continues next week.

I listened to the game while driving…..  sounded great. Was NOT surprised we lost but was not disappointed.  That play call is a management call and Jets management is why we have sucked so long.   The kid looked the part and hopefully he flourishes.  

We need to surround him with more talent….    Only management can do that.  Im still out on JD and Saleh but don’t blame the kid here. That’s my take.  

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6 hours ago, Hael said:

Kinda weird that this is likely the last time we ever play Brady.   Of course it ended the way it did, it couldn't be any other way.

This is why I wished that we had won the game ... Zach Wilson undefeated all time against the GOAT. :D  

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14 hours ago, xJayce said:

Ty Johnson?! The guy that had 3 drops against the Saints? On a 4 and 2?!

And to which TE are we throwing! McDermott?!

Sorry, I'm being overly dramatic...

You are.


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2 hours ago, heymangold said:

I was actually the exact opposite. I was so pissed.  They played so well and didn’t show up on that last drive.  I had no problem going for it on 4th.  Bad play call though. Not gonna kill the staff or players for 1 play.

About 20 mins later though, I wasn’t upset.  Between the rookie staff, young roster and constant injures, these guys played phenomenal.  Great game.  Hopefully we take it to Buffalo this way next week. 

Would love to beat Buffalo final week.....  

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