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Is it the player or the position ? re Stingley Jr


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This time last year Stingley was widely regarded as the best cb prospect since Ramsey.  Fast forward to today and there seems to be little interest in drafting him with either pick.  I realize sitting out the year worries some, but given the current world and LSU turning into a dumpster fire I do not hold that against him.  I would have concerns over any medicals but assuming that clears I tend to want difference makers and play makers when drafting this high.  Karlaftis is a nice player and maybe he is Maxx Crosby but I can't help think we may be passing on an elite player.
I know some will say the scheme does not need elite cb which is nonsense.  Elite is elite and great coaches figure out how to maximize their impact.

i’ll continue to say this every time a “draft stingley” post is created - the jets are not going to draft him (or any other cb) this high - saleh has said repeatedly that this defense is driven by the pass rush - with the right pass rush in place the cs places zero repeat zero emphasis on high end talent in the secondary - and drafting to create that elite dl is what the jets will do - don’t know why some of us just ignore what the jets have done and continue to do which is try and develop less heralded prospects ( and of course lower drafted players ) into solid cb’s- and that’s all this defense requires - solid not spectacular players at cb - i could be wrong but i’m basing this on what i’ve seen and heard from douglas and saleh - dream on if you want to but i’m pretty sure stingley ain’t happening

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wasn't injuries the knock on bryce hall and austin?  those guys came in and have been pretty much injury free as pros.  of course they need to worry about getting another milliner.  maybe stingly's injuries will put him down into a later round.

hall had one bad injury his senior year - that’s different than “injury prone” js

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