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A message from Becton, ya'll!


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6 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:

Ummmmm translation…

To yall messing with Mr Becton had best leave him alone…

That is all….


Well we shall see…

Lets Go a Jets!!

Ok. Let’s hope he can back it up. If he can play He’d be a devastating right tackle when healthy and what a o line Jets would have. Rushing game would be tops in the league 🙏

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2 hours ago, CSNY said:

WTF? My days of eating mushrooms are over or else maybe I would know what he means otherwise Can someone please translate 

The translation is that Becton is doing is talking off the field, instead of proving himself on it.


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1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

This feels like a threat but who exactly is he threatening?

Basically his way of saying all the people that are doubting him or taking him for weak he will prove all doubters wrong.  The jackals are the media, fans, and opposing players. 

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