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****Jets Never Ending Season Comes To An End Game Thread****


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13 minutes ago, Larz said:

This is a really good test for Saleh, LaFleur, Wilson, the oline and the identity of the team

are they a tough team that fights the whole way or are they frauds looking forward to vacation?

I think they'll come out fighting today.  With these weather conditions they can win this game.

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

Thank God it’s almost over. Go Jets. 


It has been brutal.  

Today's game is really important to me as for my confidence in Wilson moving forward.  Let's see what he can do in a very hostile environment without all his weapons.  Can he improvise when needed?  Has he learned when to leave and not leave the pocket?  I want to see LaFleur maintain the creativity, but there's a fine line between that and a stupid play call sometimes.  I want to see the OL continue to give our RBs gaps.  Mostly for me, it is a season ending statement by the offense and by Zach.

I don't like talking about this defense.  Surprise me Saleh. 

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I think the over under for Jets points scored is something like 12 pts. We should score over 12 at least I think so. Zach will probably mostly go with the ground game and short passes which has worked well in recent weeks. And he's managing the game better even though today he will have fewer weapons but all teams are short of players. I don't think it's impossible for us to win this game assuming the decisions by the CS are smarter, they have some luck and execution. I think there will be turnovers today incl by our defense I'll predict we recover two. It could be a wash on that maybe plus one for the Bills. Anyways let's say today, Bills 30 Jets 17, we cover but we lose maybe closer than that score they get a late game TD?

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I'll take another JAX performance by Zach and the offense. I'll be satisfied with a close game down to the end and Zach putting up respectable game manager stats. I'll be ecstatic with a win. Considering the weather I'm not expecting a big day from Zach but who knows with his arm talent maybe he can thrive regardless.

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