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****Jets Never Ending Season Comes To An End Game Thread****


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They miss Fant. Think Wilson's got to change his internal clock a little for this one. Lots of quick throws.

That awful Kroft drop really hurt passing game momentum. Buffalo is so aggressive against the run I think the misdirection short throw stuff should be there but they've gotten away from it a bit.

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1 minute ago, Jets723 said:

Kid has no time. Oline is Swiss cheese tonight 

He had some time there - no one's open though.....Jets are keeping guys in to block so only three guys in routes - and they're 4, 5 and 6th string WR's against the best pass defense in the NFL.

Just not a lot ZW can do here...Glad he's not just throwing the ball up alla Darnold...Take what's there but don't get into bad habits...

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1 minute ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

I was about to post the same thing.  

They're blitzing every play.  How about a screen to make them pay for it? 

when have the jets been able to run (or block fir that matter) a screen?

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