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****Jets Never Ending Season Comes To An End Game Thread****


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3 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

His options are...

  1. Three, five step drop - throw it away
  2. Three, five step drop - throw it to the other team
  3. Three, five step drop - try and make something happen...

He's mostly been choosing the 3rd option.

He’s started 13 games, he’s going to finish the year with nine TD passes and a 56% completion rate. 

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Just now, johnnyjet said:

Zach has been hit almost every time he’s dropped back to pass today. Without time every QB sucks. The line was bad in all phases today. I now hate the bills AND the pats. 

Doesn’t help that he runs backward every darn play. 

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It is reprehensible 1) the Bills are still blitzing and 2) the Jets CS knowing this, are still playing the starters. An injury was just waiting to happen.

For the love of god just get out of this game and start the 2022-23 offseason 

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1 minute ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Or you could be right. I wouldn’t base anything on today, though. 

Honestly they should pull him at this point. If he gets badly injured in the last 3.5 minutes of the last game of the season, at 4-12 and now down by 17, Saleh should be fitted for cement shoes to get his weight back up.

He needs 28 yards to get 115 yards and make me lose a signature bet

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