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****Jets Never Ending Season Comes To An End Game Thread****


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Just now, Sperm Edwards said:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reversal on the field, 30 seconds later, on a TD play that’s going to get reviewed in the booth anyway.

There's a handful every week. Just not usually in the endzone. Just seems silly all around. Why bother? Let the Bills score on the next play, 

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5 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Well there wasn’t enough proof to overturn. So we’ll just change the original call and then say it can’t be overturned. After first overturning it. 

Um, ok.

That just about sums it up, yup.

I actually think one of the worst things about the way the rules are set up is that there needs to be indisputable evidence to overturn on review but because there are automatic reviews on touchdowns and turnovers the refs lean towards calling stuff turnovers and touchdowns so that it can be reviewed. But then when it's reviewed it needs to be indisputable and the plays just end up standing. I think if you're going to let those close plays go to automatic review then it should be best guess not what's indisputable. Or just let the refs call review instead of needing to call TD/turnover to review it.

May be what the league wants, but it sucks. And it feels like indisputable is arbitrary enough that they sometimes overturn bang bang stuff that isn't indisputable but leans one way and sometimes just throw up their hands and say it's indisputable. 

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5 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

I’m so used to New England owning us, I am still not used to Buffalo toying with us. Nor will I ever. 

Against our division, we're "red hot" against the Bills.  We've only lost 4 of the last 5 against them.

Miami has beaten us 8 of the last 9.

The Pats have beaten us 12 in a row and 15 out of the last 16.

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1 minute ago, neckdemon said:

If we win pretty sure we could drop down a few spots in the draft 

Meh, I worry about that if we’re in the hunt for a QB we want to draft, or if there’s a QB up there that someone wants so badly they’ll fork over multiple firsts to get our pick instead. Neither of those seems likely, so whatever. It may end up being easier to trade down from a slot or three down because it’s too expensive to trade up to #4, so it’s too premature to worry about draft slot just yet. 

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4 minutes ago, bostonmajet said:

Mac Jones - the best QB in the draft - just threw a pick 6!


Sorry about the Pats stuff - can't get game - but watching thread - thought you guys would welcome bad news for the Pats....

I saw that, it was glorious

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