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Did Michael Carter regress today?


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7 hours ago, jamesr said:

I know Buffalo won the division, at home, all that good stuff.

But ... if you were a Bills fan watching that game would you fell super impressed / pumped about the playoffs? A lot of why we were still in it was down to the Bills failures rather than something amazing that we were doing IMHO. Not to take anything away from the Jets, they gave a max effort despite having little to play for. But the Bills just seemed "off" a lot of the time. When they executed their game they were very effective, they just seemed to struggle to keep it going - and that is the sort of thing that will cost you in the playoffs.


Spot on. If I were a Bills fan (or Bucs fan for that matter) I would not feel to good about how my team played against the Jets. Bills need a new punter too!

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