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5 minutes ago, Bronxville Jets Fan said:

You can see how far ahead the Bills roster is compared to the Jets.  Bills TE has two TDs and their free safety made an incredible INT.

Not many rookies are (not a lot of vet QBs either).

He had a great first season, but it’s a tough ask to beat Allen and this Bills team in a playoff game on the road.

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2 minutes ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

I should hate the Bills. I’m just really impressed with what they’ve done the past few years. And their coaches and their players aren’t as unlikeable as the Pats. 

Yeah, they're definitely the least unlikable of the division rivals, but I'll still always root against them if they're playing anyone but the Pats or Fins.

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Just now, Klecko73isGod said:

This is reminiscent of that Pennington playoff game in Oakland.

We've seen the best Jones has to offer. He is just a guy.

Yeah but he has Chad arm strength after the Takeo Spikes hit. Started that way. 

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5 minutes ago, ZachEY said:

Pats are not actually good.

Bills are way ahead of us, but this bludgeoning isn’t real until I see it against an actual competitor.

Also, Mac Jones ain’t it.

Pats were #3 in point differential this year with sucky Mac Jones. #1 was the Bills, #2 was the Cowboys 

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